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The IEA works with governments and industry to shape a secure and sustainable energy future for all
World Energy Outlook
Global Macroeconomic Risk, by Country in 2022
Worlds Population at 8 Billion
Sergei Shoigu
Who Is North Korea Trading With?
Air Pollution
Green Dreams, Inflationary Realities
Highland Park parade shooting
Carbon bombs set to trigger catastrophic climate breakdown
The Future is Vast: Longtermisms perspective on humanitys past, present, and future
The LaRouche Plan for a New International Economic Architecture
Global GDP per capita
Volodymyr Zelenskyy
Attack On Europe: Documenting Russian Equipment Losses During The 2022 Russian Invasion Of Ukraine
Casualties of the Russo-Ukrainian War
2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine
War in Ukraine
Electricity generation from coal, oil, and gas sources combined.
Increasing agricultural productivity across Sub-Saharan Africa is one of the most important problems this century
The history of the end of poverty has just begun
Climate industrial complex left clueless as fossil fuels proliferate
What the Experts See Coming in 2022
Global Food production
The IEA wants to make their data available to the public now it is on governments of the worlds rich countries to make this happen
What Everyone Needs to Know
Animated Chart: Chinas Aging Population (1950-2100)
Shift to nuclear brightens Asian energy future
The Worlds Biggest Startups: Top Unicorns of 2021
India and China Set Aside Differences to Resist Carbon Imperialism
Elements in the Earths Crust
How much energy do countries consume when we take offshoring into account?
The Southern Ocean is still swallowing large amounts of humans carbon dioxide emissions
Draining the Worlds Oceans to Visualize Earths Surface
Quit Worrying About Uncertainty in Sea Level Projections
World Economic Forum Reports.
World economic forum white papers.
Todays Galileos challenge climate orthodoxy and other nonsense
Per Capita CO2 Emissions
Microsites on Energy
All the Biomass on Earth
Anthropogenic mass the accumulation of Human-Made Mass on Earth
Data-driven insights into business, tech, entertainment and society. Our newsletter takes 5 minutes to read and its completely free.
The Hydrogen Economy
How many people die from air pollution?
Global Warming The Cold, Hard Facts
The Carbon Sense Coalition is a voluntary group of people concerned about the extent to which carbon is wrongly vilified in Western societies, particularly in government, the media, and in business circles. We aim to restore balance and reason to the carbon debate, and to explain and defend the key role of carbon in th
2021 Bulgaria bus crash
Extreme poverty: how far have we come, how far do we still have to go?
Climate constraint equation
Garbage in, Garbage out in Glasgow, Scotland COP 26.
Mapping global inputs and impacts from of human sewage in coastal ecosystems
Carbon Cycle Greenhouse Gases
What is climate change? A really simple guide
200 Nations promise stop to ocean plastic waste
COP26 - Alarmists lament that we are still on the road to hell
Impact of ,marketing in the internet
IAB Outlook: 2022 Digital Ad Ecosystem Report
Study Finds Internet Economy Grew Seven Times Faster Than Total U.S. Economy, Created Over 7 Million Jobs in the Last Four Years
Who Has The Most Historical Responsibility for Climate Change?
The problem between fossil fuels and nuclear power - CO2
the True Size of Africa
How much plastic does the world produce?
200 Nations promise to stop ocean plastic waste
Indias COP-26 promise of Net Zero by 2070 overshadowed by coal use
Climate Intelligence (CLINTEL) is an independent foundation that operates in the fields of climate change and climate policy.
SARS-CoV-2 Delta variant
The World Bank Groups Climate Priorities
COP26 at odds with 40 percent of the world
A Graphical History of Atmospheric CO2 Levels Over Time
Climate change is no catastrophe
Anthropogenic global warming theory
Schiller Institute
World of Change: Global Temperatures
Global Methane Emissions Have Risen Nearly 10 Percent Over Last 20 Years
Water Vapor Rules the Greenhouse System
CO2 Coalition
Fish and Overfishing
Global social progress Index
CLINTEL catalogs IPCC errors in time for UN COP 26
Laughing at climate hysteria
Discovery of Massive Volcanic CO2 Emissions Puts Damper on Global Warming Theory
El Nios are Fueled by Deep-Sea Geological Heat Flow
Human Rights Outlook 2021
A good nuclear power program for the world
Human Impact on the Earths Surface
Climate crisis is often discussed alongside what can seem like surprisingly small temperature increases 1.5C or 2C hotter than it was in the era just before the car replaced the horse and cart.
The Carbon Footprint of the Food Supply Chain
Excess fertilizer use: Which countries cause environmental damage by overapplying fertilizers?
Global Hunger
the Worlds Ongoing Conflicts
Lists of mountains by region
Atmospheric Greenhouse Effect
The 20 Fastest-Growing Jobs in the Next Decade
The Imaginary Climate Crisis
The Worlds Top Coffee Producing Countries
Greenhouse saturation research could kill the climate emergency
More Than Half the World's Population Lives Inside This Circle
Valeriepieris circle
The innocense of carbon dioxide
Climate Change. We are in a Mild Thaw up out of the coldest era of the past 8,000 years called the Little Ice Age.Our Holocene has been cooling for 3,000 years into the next Ice Age. CO2 only 20,000 years ago fell to within 30 ppm of plant extiction levels.Sea Levels just 6,000 years ago were two meters higher than tod
World Languages in One Visualization
Languages of the world
Excess fertilizer use: Which countries cause environmental damage by overapplying fertilizers?
Heat waves and hot air
New Confirmation that Climate Models Overstate Atmospheric Warming
The IPCCs attribution methodology is fundamentally flawed
Climate Etc. provides a forum for climate researchers, academics and technical experts from other fields, citizen scientists, and the interested public to engage in a discussion on topics related to climate science and the science-policy interface.
Conserve Energy
Smoking: How large of a global problem is it? And how can we make progress against it?
How much of the worlds food production is dependent on pollinators?
Depression is complicated this is how our understanding of the condition has evolved over time
Strongest warming in 10,000 years by the Sun not CO2
33 bullet points prove global warming by the Sun, not CO2: by a GEOLOGIST for a change
IPCC report: the future of climate change in six charts
Climate apocalypse
Ecological collapse
We Have Just One Decade Left To Fix the Future
Smallholders produce one-third of the worlds food
2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference
Earth's interior is swallowing up more carbon than thought
Research and data to make progress against the worlds largest problems
Our World in Data Charts
Climate analyzer
GDP per Capita Worldwide
blue carbon
Climate change will drive a rise in record-shattering heat extremes
Reuters graphics
Global Climate Dashboard
OFDA/CRED International Disaster Data
Rising inequality affecting more than two-thirds of the globe, but its not inevitable: new UN report
Child Mortality: an everyday tragedy of enormous scale that we can make progress against
List of rivers of Peru
Watts Up With That? The world's most viewed site on global warming and climate change
Ice Loss Earth
travel earth
DEMOGRAPHICSTimeline: Key Events in U.S. History that Defined Generations
Economic Growth
Global Extreme Poverty
Income Inequality
What is economic growth? And why is it so important?
Where the plastic in our oceans comes from.
List of cities in the European Union by population within city limits
Climate-Industrial Complex
The Club of Rome: How the socialist religion of environmentalism was bornJanuary 21, 2019.
Climate Hoax Exposed: Organized to promote education on climate & energy
safest and cleanest sources of energy
How warm will it get/?THE SCIENCE OF TEMPERATURE
How much economic growth is necessary to reduce global poverty substantially?
Since his founding of a political and philosophical movement in the late 1960s, the uniquely successful economic forecaster Lyndon LaRouche has led a fight with the Anglo-American establishment, to defeat their policies of zero population growth and anti-technology environmentalism.
energy sources beyond muscle strength were limited to mechanical energy from flowing air and water and chemical energy from renewable sources.
Macrothink Institute is a private organization dedicated to scientific research and publication. Macrothink Institute publishes online scholarly journals that are open to readers.
The World Bank Group has two goals, to end extreme poverty and promote shared prosperity in a sustainable way
2021 Bata explosions,000_years
Temperature record of the last 2,000 years
QAnon or simply Q is a disproven and discredited American far-right conspiracy theory alleging that a secret cabal of Satan-worshipping, cannibalistic pedophiles is running a global child sex-trafficking ring and plotted against former U.S. President Donald Trump while he was in office.
The extremely low poverty line that the UN relies on has the advantage that it draws attention to the very poorest people in the world. It has the disadvantage that it ignores what is happening to the incomes of the 90% of the world population who live above the extreme poverty threshold.
Global Breakdown of Greenhouse Gas Emissions by Sector Markets.
Views on the nuclear program of Iran vary greatly, as the nuclear program of Iran is a very contentious geopolitical issue. Uriel Abulof identifies five possible rationales behind nuclear policy (i) Economy, mainly energy needs (ii) Identity politics, pride and prestige (iii) Deterrence of foreign intervention (iv) Com
Largest battery in Australia to be built at ageing NSW coal-fired power plant
The Green Road to Blackouts
Tesla battery cost revealed two years after SA blackout
U.S. Energy Information Administration
Data & Statistics - IEA
China Loves Coal Far More than Wind
Nuclear power for Africa - Climate- Science
Climate and temperature reconstructions from around the world show the planet was much warmer over most of the Holocene (past 10,000 years) than it is today.
Coronavirus Research
Climate Change Policy. An Evaluation of Global Climate Change Expenditure 2011-2018
Earth Is Still Sailing Into Climate Chaos, Report Says, but Its Course Could Shift - The New York Times
Eudaimonia and Co Our Challenge This Century is Giving Back the World We Stole
International Scholars Warning on Societal Disruption and CollapseA public letter signed by over 250 scientists and scholars from 30 countries, calls on policy makers to engage more with the growing risk of societal disruption and collapse due to damage to the climate and environment. The letter invites focus on how to
Climate Change Reconsidered.The Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change (NIPCC) is an international panel of nongovernment scientists and scholars who have come together to present a comprehensive, authoritative, and realistic assessment of the science and economics of global warming. Because it is not a
Planet of the Humans | The film, in particular, focuses on alternative energy sources of Solar, Wind, and Biomass and the film very poignantly illustrate that these so-called Green technologies are using more fossil fuel energy in their creation or in the case of Biomass generating more Carbon than they are able to off
the anthropogenic and natural contributions to changes in atmospheric CO2 concentration without need for knowledge of rate constants for individual mechanisms.
Climate Change Solutions
Open Knowledge Repository
Climate Change
6 Clean water and sanitation: Water, sanitation, and hygiene: essential for well-being.
Gender equality: Legal progress towards gender equality
4QUALITY EDUCATIONLearning poverty: children's education in crisis
hunger: The World bank
hunger: Beyond hunger: Ensuring food security
poverty: The near future of global poverty
Atlas of Sustainable Development Goals 2020
Allow Golden Rice Now! - Preventing it is a Crime Against Humanity
Biggest Threats to Earth's Biodiversity
Atlantic Planet - The Atlantic
Microsites on Energy
Microsite on Science | Science for a changing world. We provide science about the natural hazards that threaten lives and livelihoods; the water, energy, minerals, and other natural resources we rely on; the health of our ecosystems and environment; and the impacts of climate and land-use change. Our scientists develop new methods
Milankovitch theory describes the collective effects of changes in the Earth s movements upon its climate , named after Serbia n geophysicist and astronomer Milutin , who in the had theorized that variations in eccentricity , axial tilt , and precession of the Earths orbit determined climatic patter...
Climate Change Cases Back to State Court
Google World
The Geologic temperature record changes in Earth's environment as determined from geologic evidence on multi-million to billion ) year time scales. The study of past temperatures provides an important paleoenvironmental insight because it is a crucial component of the climate and oceanography of...
Afrotropical realm - Wikipedia Afrotropical realm. One of the Earth's eight biogeographic realms.
Newsom vows to fast track toward Germany's failed climate goals Cornwall Alliance For the Stewardship of Creation
Cornwall Alliance - For the Stewardship of Creation
Climate change
Example of how professional societies block scientific discussion of climate change to assist their political party -
Why the Arctic Is Warming So Fast, and Why Thats So AlarmingWhen permafrost thaws, sea ice disappears, and wildfires rage in the north, the consequences extend to the rest of the world.
Fossil Fuels: What the Data ShowsAs the predominant source of energy, fossil fuels collectively accounted for a massive 86.2% of total energy consumption over 2009-2018, or roughly 1.2 million TWh. If youre wondering, thats enough to power the equivalent of 109 billion U.S. homes with electricity for a year.
Global Temperature Could Exceed Limit Set By World Leaders In Next Decade: UN Report. In the next five years, the world has nearly a 1-in-4 chance of experiencing a year thats hot enough to put the global temperature at 2.7 degrees (1.5 degrees Celsius) above pre-industrial times, according to a new science update.
AWED - Alliance for Wise Energy Decisions. AWED are an informal, non-partisan, non-profit coalition of North American individuals, organizations, communities, and businesses who are primarily concerned about the future of the electrical energy sector. At AWED, we believe that we do have environmental and energy issues
The Canadian Government's Nuclear Fuel Waste Act section 20 allows for the development of new methods for nuclear fuel waste management to be considered as an alternative to the current approach, i.e. deep geological repository (DGR), for dealing with CANDU spent fuel.
Man-Made Global Warming - Skeptical of serious anthropogenic global warming - All About Energy
(Richard McPherson) USofA - Two Nuclear Energy Companies Were Formed in 2007 - Richard McPherson, electrical power and grid security expert. He is pursuing executable humanitarian solutions under the nexus of agriculture, water and energy.: In 2007, one nuclear energy company was formed in Russia, the other was formed
Cascading fallacies in climate risk assessment | CFACT Cascading fallacies in climate risk assessment By David Wojick |
( USofA - World's Nuclear Reactor Landscape - All About Energy Today: 12.Aug.2020 About Us Our Staff Contact Us Energy ( USofA - World's Nuclear Reactor Landscape (Powerline, Norman Rogers) USofA - Dumb Energy (Richard McPherson) USofA - Update on Nuclear Po...
Future of Earth - Long term extrapolated geological and biological changes Conjectured illustration of the scorched Earth after the Sun has entered the red giant phase, about 5 billion years from now.
Replace climate alarmism with climate sanity.
Climatism | Tracking Anthropogenic Climate Alarmism Climatism Tracking Anthropogenic
THE RED NEW DEAL: China Leaving The Feckless West In The Dust | Climatism Tracking Anthropogenic Climate Alarmism.
Hottest Arctic temperature record likely set in Siberian town.
Americas CoronapocalypseTrump Has Led America to Human Tragedy, Public Health Crisis, Economic Depression, and Social Collapse
Super Cyclonic Storm Amphan was a powerful and deadly tropical cyclone that caused widespread damage in Eastern India, specifically West Bengal, and also Bangladesh in May 2020. It was the strongest tropical cyclone to strike the Ganga Delta since Sidr of the 2007 season and the first super cyclonic storm to have forme
Environmental Progress Issues Plastics Overfishing Meat Extinctions Climate Change Energy Clean Energy in Crisis Clean Energy
The death of climate change - At its very core, the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) violated a key principle of physics. Therefore, all IPCC climate claims and models are wrong.IPCCs Big Idea (its fundamental hypothesis) is that nature treats human CO2 emissions differently
CO2 Not A Threat To OceansBy Dr. Jay Lehr For the past three decades, the public has been taught by the news media and the folks who make a living composing mathematical equations they claim to simulate how our planets climate operates, that our oceans are in jeopardy. They have all told you one of the biggest falsehoo
There is no evidence to suggest that the oceans are becoming less of a great habitat for marine life due to rising atmospheric CO2.
THE HAPPY NEURON The Allure Of Blue Energy
Climate is the statistics (usually, mean or variability ) of weather , usually over a interval. It is measured by assessing the patterns of variation in temperature , humidity , atmospheric pressure , wind , precipitation , atmospheric particle count and other meteorological variables in a given reg...
IPCCs carbon cycle model has four key reservoirs: land, atmosphere, surface ocean, and deep ocean. IPCCs data show carbon levels for each reservoir and the flows between the reservoirs for both natural and human carbon cycles. IPCCs data for its natural carbon cycle is not perfect but it may be the best data.
Visual Capitalist Markets Technology Money Other Topics Energy Healthcare Mining Green Politics
Is Climate Change Denial Thawing in Texas?Surprising statements by oil industry leaders have grabbed headlines. But the bigger change is underway more quietly, among young Republicans.
to travel is to live - Visual Storytelling, Art Prints & Home Decor Goods Home Stories Stories Still Stories In Motion Stories in Echo Music Collection
The other side of the global warming story (Jay Lehr) USofA
2019 ozone hole could be the smallest in three decades - BBC News
Climate change is already here. 2020 could be your last chance to stop an apocalypse (Los Angeles Times)
A world-wide, market-driven transition to alternate sources of energy generation will be completed by 2150, leaving less than 600 ppm of CO2 in the atmosphere, 50 percent more than current levels. Highest levels of CO2 in our atmosphere have exceeded 7000 ppm from greater volcanic activity more than 400 million years
Bill Gates gatesnotes The blog of Bill Gates
Global warming IPCC Summary for Policymakers a Global Warming of 1.5 C
Climate Change Threatens the World as Food Supply, United Nations Warns
Plenary | IPBES
IPBES | Science, and policy for people and nature
Italian scientists petition concerning man-made global warming
Our Planet A Netflix original documentary series Our Planet showcases the world's natural wonders, iconic species and wildlife spectacles that still remain. We're all a part of this amazing planet, but ...
WIRED Your Weather Tweets Are Showing Your Climate Amnesia
New offshore wind turbines in Germany could "lead to the extinction of individual species including the rare, intelligent, and highly-threatened harbor porpoise, according to Friends of the Earth-Germany (BUND).Migratory bat populations, including the hoary bat, could could go extinct, say scientists, if the expansion
If Renewables Are So Great for the Environment, Why Do They Keep Destroying It?
Energy, Radiation, Medicine - Environmentalists For Nuclear USA Today: 18.Feb.2019 About Us Board of Directors Our Staff Contact Us Energy, Radiation, Medicine (862) Solar panels pollute a lot more than nuclear (Andrew Follett) USofA If Renewables are so great (Michael Shellenberger) USofA 2.5 trill...
Environment - Environmentalists For Nuclear USA Today: 18.Feb.2019 About Us Board of Directors Our Staff Contact Us Energy, Radiation, Medicine (862) Solar panels pollute a lot more than nuclear (Andrew Follett) USofA If Renewables are so great (Michael Shellenberger) USofA 2.5 trillion dollar reaso...
Man-Made Global Warming and other environmental topics - Organizations discussing all positions - Environmentalists For Nuclear USA Today: 25.Oct.2017 About Us Board of Directors Board of Advisors Our Staff Contact Us Energy & By-Products Beyond the Nobel Prize: The rise of nuclear powered India (Vi...
FREE MARKET FOUNDATION Montana's Last Indian. Water Climate Law, Climate Physics, Climate Politics, Climate Links.
Antarctica: To The End Of The World & Beyond - G+
Environmental Progress Environmental Progress. Energy and the Environment .
We are not edging up to a mass extinction | Aeon Essays Support Aeon 'Aeon represents exactly the values that the internet in its purest form is all about. The selfless distribution of wisdom.' Ben H, UK, Friend of Aeon Aeon is a registered charity committed to the spread of knowledge and a cosmopol...
A stunning new NASA time-lapse video crams 20 years of Earth into just a few minutes. It is helping scientists learn a lot more about global warming and how the earth's climate is changing.
THIS YEAR, GOVERNMENT scientists at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration are placing their bets on a warmer-than-average winter. In the East and southern two-thirds of the country, temperatures will be higher than normal, while Southern California, Texas, and Florida will be drier than usual.
Xi Jinpingas Marathon Speech: Five Takeaways - The New York Times no longer supports Internet Explorer 9 or earlier. Please upgrade your browser. LEARN MORE Sections Home Search Skip to content Skip to navigation View mobile version The New York Times Asia Pacific|Xi Jinpingas Marathon S...
man-made global warming, climate change, climate disruption, ocean level rise, etc. that some scientists (some estimate 97% consensus) claim is the world's top environmental and energy problem. This short article presents 15 pages of simple text and 15 pages of photos that explains where we think the world is on this t
Itas Not Your Imagination. Summers Are Getting Hotter. - The New York Times no longer supports Internet Explorer 9 or earlier. Please upgrade your browser. LEARN MORE Sections Home Search Skip to content The New York Times Climate|Itas Not Your Imagination. Summers Are Getting Hotter. Se...
Syria or , or officially the Syrian Arab Republic, is a country in Western Asia . De jure Syrian territory borders Lebanon and the Mediterranean Sea to the west, Turkey to the north, Iraq to the east, Jordan to the south, and Israel to the southwest, but the governments control now extends to approx...
During his first two months in office, President Donald J. Trump has rolled back key Obama-era greenhouse gas regulations. Without these rules in place, the United States is set to fall far short of its 2015 Paris Agreement pledge: to lower emissions by at least 26 percent below 2005 levels by 2025.
Copperbelt Province in Zambia covers the mineral-rich Copperbelt , and farming and bush areas to the south. It was the backbone of the Northern Rhodesia n economy during British colonial rule and fuelled the hopes of the immediate post-independence period, but its economic importance was severely damaged by a crash in
Air pollution
North Korea (), officially the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea (DPRK ), is a country in East Asia , in the northern part of the Korean Peninsula . The name Korea is derived from the Kingdom of Goguryeo , also spelled as Pyongyang is both the nations capital as well as its largest city, with a population just over
China foreign exchange reserves
Ozone (systematically named -trioxidane and catena-trioxygen), or trioxygen, is an inorganic molecule with the chemical formula . It is a pale blue gas with a distinctively pungent smell. It is an allotrope of oxygen that is much less stable than the diatomic allotrope , breaking down in the lower atmosphere to normal
Ice melting
Chinese New Year Migration
Global Predictions 2017
Baathism ( meaning renaissance / resurrection ) is an Arab nationalist ideology that promotes the development and creation of a unified Arab state through the leadership of a vanguard party over a progressive revolutionary government. The ideology is officially based on the theories of the Syrian intellectuals Zaki al-
The Belgian Congo (, ) was a Belgian colony in Central Africa between and in what is now the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). Colonial rule in the Congo began in the late century. King Leopold II of the Belgians persuaded the government to support colonial expansion around the then-largely unexplored Congo Basin
Economic antisemitism comprises stereotypes and canard s based on the economic status, occupation or economic behavior of Jews. It also includes economic behavior, laws and governmental policies targeting the economic status, occupation or economic behavior of Jews. In some cases, the stereotypes and canards have motiv



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